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Visionary Universal Digiscoping Camera Bracket – L


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The Visionary Bracket-L is an essential accessory for anyone who uses a spotting scope for digiscoping. It is a universal camera bracket for attaching the scope to all standard tripods and allowing correct alignment with most compact digital cameras.

Fully adjustable all ways for any scope and camera combination

Can be used with both straight and angled scopes

The camera can be rotated away from the eyepiece without removing it from the equipment

Easy to alternate between camera and scope viewing

Highly Adjustable

This digiscoping bracket is fully universal and will, therefore, work with almost all scope, camera, tripod combinations. It offers a huge range of adjustability to accommodate scopes/cameras of various lengths, styles and sizes.

Once correctly aligned the equipment is very sturdy and should require little or no adjustment. The camera attachment can rotate allowing it to swing away from the scope eyepiece without any need for adjusting the equipment.

Please Note – Scope, Camera and Tripod are for demonstration only and are not included in the price.


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