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Olivon PC-3 8×56 Binoculars


BAK4, Fully Multi-coated Optics, Phase Coated. Excellent low light performance.

Waterproof / Fog Ressistant (Nitrogen filled)

Long Eye Reflief (Twist Eyecups)

Includes case, strap, tethered eyecups with 10 year manufacturer guarantee

Approx. Weight = 995g Size = 170x150x68 mm Open Bridge design

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The PC-3 range is packed full of features, with a specification that rivals many significantly more expensive models.These binoculars feature exceptional quality optics in a medium-compact open-bridge DCF style body. Image quality is foremost in this range with Phase coated optics, full multi-coating of all air/glass surfaces and BAK4 prisms. Created with the outdoors in mind the binoculars are fully waterproof and nitrogen filled combined with a robust rubber armoured body.

The 8x magnification is powerful enough to see detail but not so powerful that image stability, brightness or colour contrast is diminished. The 8×56 combination provides a good field of view with a very bright image which is beneficial when tracking moving objects. An ideal compact model for bird watching and nature or as a general purpose model. The 56mm front lenses make this an ideal low light binocular.

BAK4 prisms ensure a brighter by maximising light transmission. Phase coated optics with full multicoating improves the image quality even further and makes this range a class above models in a similar price bracket. Efficient use of the light gathered is particularly important at high magnifications or when using smaller front lenses, as images appear darker.

Long eye relief makes these binoculars ideal for spectacle wearers the image is projected further through the exit pupil allowing users to view the full field of view glasses on. The eye cups on this model twist down for use when wearing glasses.


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